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Friday, November 21, 2014

This is the Smartest Move Ever

The best way to ensure that African Americans feel safe and that their right to protest has not been infringed upon is to flood the area with FBI agents before anything happens.

Did I get that right?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Barney Fife is Alive and Well in Freeborn County Minnesota

If even a tenth of this story is true, then my previous call to bring the State Police to Albert Lea, Minnesota and take over the Freeborn County Sheriff's Department should be repeated:

On April 7, I discovered that a substantial amount (over $13,000) of hog equipment and tools had been stolen from one of our locations in Freeborn County. I immediately called our local sheriff’s office. A deputy was dispatched, and he investigated the scene and a report was filed.

Sensing that not much was going to be done about it, I did a little investigating on my own. In less than 24 hours, I found not only where my stolen property was, but who did it, and where they lived. A scrap-iron yard in Kensett, Iowa, had a receipt with the thieves’ name on it and a picture of them with the stolen items. They are Albert Lea residents with a long criminal record who local law enforcement know well.

I excitedly called the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office back with the information expecting that something would be done about it. I was then put in contact with detective Marc Johnson. To my disappointment, he told me that they could not cross the state line (which was not the truth according to other law enforcement officials I contacted). I also told him that if he were to go to their residence, he would find my additional stolen items that were not scraped out. He proceeded to do that and found them just as I described.

Asking him what he was going to do about it, he said that I should have the Worth County Sheriff’s Office take the case because it could probably do a better job. He also told me that he didn’t want to look like a fool if he couldn’t prove it.

Frustrated with detective Johnson, I then made several attempts to contact Sheriff Bob Kindler, who never once responded to my calls. Charges were never made by the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office.

Somewhere in there, I would imagine something is missing--as in, what's the real truth? Is this campaign boilerplate? Is this a fabrication? I highly doubt it since it was signed by a Freeborn County resident with his own name. This is not the same as creating a fake website or anything like that.

I mean, wow. Just. Wow.

If you go and find your property has been stolen, and if you find that it has been sold for scrap, and have proof of this, you've got to have the law on your side to try and make things right. If you go to their residence and find your stolen property, you've got to have someone backing you up. What happens if you don't is exactly what should never happen, which is a community where people have to take the law into their own hands.

I said it before and I'll say it again--this isn't about politics or who should run things. This is about public safety. If you want a community where incompetent cops run around saying things like "he didn't want to look like a fool if he couldn't prove it."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Everything Will Kill You

We are the most panicky people on the face of the Earth. What happened to being resilient or tough? What happened to not giving a shit? What happened to context and actually having useful information?

I don't know about you, but lightning is way worse than Ebola:

If we treated the flu like we have treated Ebola, we'd have lost our mud long ago:

The number of seasonal influenza-associated (i.e., seasonal flu-related) deaths varies from year to year because flu seasons are unpredictable and often fluctuate in length and severity. Therefore, a single estimate cannot be used to summarize influenza-associated deaths. Instead, a range of estimated deaths is a better way to represent the variability and unpredictability of flu. An August 27, 2010 MMWR report entitled “Thompson MG et al. Updated Estimates of Mortality Associated with Seasonal Influenza through the 2006-2007 Influenza Season. MMWR 2010; 59(33): 1057-1062.," provides updated estimates of the range of flu-associated deaths that occurred in the United States during the three decades prior to 2007. CDC estimates that from the 1976-1977 season to the 2006-2007 flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people. Death certificate data and weekly influenza virus surveillance information was used to estimate how many flu-related deaths occurred among people whose underlying cause of death was listed as respiratory or circulatory disease on their death certificate.

And I'm not even going to go into car accidents, cancer, or being near someone with a gun. Good grief. We're the wimpiest of wimps nowadays.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Public Disgrace

This is what you get when you liberalize gun laws without giving the police the ability to determine who is, and who is not, obeying the spirit of the law and behaving in an ethical and safe manner:

WARNING--video goes into auto play after the jump:

Jackassery, plain and simple. And for the Sheriff to say this:

Forsythe Sheriff Duane Piper said that he didn’t believe the parents and children were in any danger but, even though the man was within his rights to carry the gun, he found the gun carriers conduct inappropriate.

“We support the constitutional right to bear arms. We will not tolerate bad behavior,” said the sheriff.

What a pant load. Terrorizing people isn't bad behavior? Creating a panic where there was none isn't a reason to remove the man from the premises?

There is no reason why a person--man or woman--should demonstrate in public with their gun in a crowded place. There is no ethical reason why this man should have flaunted the gun on his person in a public gathering place in that manner. He was terrorizing those people. Given the social situation and the presence of children--at a sporting event--he was creating a public panic and a nuisance. That is plainly evident because a lot of people freaked out and called the police.

Now, I get that there are rights. What about the rights of the people who don't want to be terrorized by some idiot and his gun?

You can legally carry a gun in public--I get that. But you do not have the right to terrorize anyone.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bear in Mind, I am a Minnesota Wild Fan

A still image of T.J. Oshie about to be leveled by Mike Rupp

OK, that was a vicious hit and a cheap shot.

This is hard to watch:

Mike Rupp, go back where you came from. Jeebus. Nobody needs to see this right before a long playoff run.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Hard Out There For a Russian Billionaire

If you're a Russian billionaire, isn't being afraid of having someone poison you a central part of your job description? How could you reasonably expect to go about your daily activities without having someone test your food in front of you and handle your mail and keep you away from beady-eyed men? Wouldn't that be exactly how you would expect to be murdered?

Any Russian billionaire worth his salt knows that being poisoned on a regular basis is probably how things are going to be until you can safely relocate yourself to practically no where on the face of the Earth.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What if God Wants Us to Stop Shooting Each Other?

Holy cow. What do you do with this nonsense?

Did anyone see the plea from a young student that was on the Internet the day after the school shootings out East? God was asked how he could have allowed such a terrible thing to happen in his school. God’s reply, “I’m not allowed in schools.”

A late great evangelist wrote three years ago that our nation, with God thrown out by our friends in Washington, would suffer catastrophes more frequent, more deadly, more costly and increasing in size. Could it be?

While we wait for our nation to be forced to its knees in prayer, what can we do to protect our kids and grandkids? Air marshals work very well on planes. They are not in uniform and cannot be easily identified. It could work in schools if a few volunteer. Trained teachers carried concealed weapons. When the word got out, shooters may not be so brazen. Another well-known occurrence, about the theater shootings in Colorado, is that this theater was the only one in the area with signed posted “No guns allowed.” How do you think he picked the one he did?

Parade magazine had a story naming the weapons used in most killings. No. 1 was clubs or baseball bats, as in Cain and Abel. No. 2 was knives of all descriptions. Guns were further down the list. It surprised me, so I read it again.

Billy Graham was approached by Washington to help take a stand against guns. He replied that new gun laws could be passed every day but would not solve the problem — which is national moral decay.

What can we do? Vote for God-fearing candidates and please don’t list to the news media tearing them to shreds! Which they always do. Evaluate them yourself!

Wally Fink
Albert Lea

First of all, what if God looks like the image above? Still wanna worship him? I'll bet you don't.

Second of all, what if the emissaries of God are the ones trying to bring us gun control? Maybe God is trying to send us a message with all of these random killings of innocent people. What if that message is, "do something to stop making guns cheap and easily available to crazy people" and what if the people who want us to vote for God Fearing candidates like Wally Fink are doing the work of the devil?

It would seem to me that one way to shake the faith that people have in God is to spread senseless murder and mayhem everywhere, and that the best way to do that is to have a society where batshit crazy motherfuckers can get all the guns they want because of profit! and whatnot.

Are you trying to tell me that God is on the side of men who profit from selling weapons that kill other men? Wouldn't it be more intellectually honest to admit that maybe God just wants us to stop killing each other and that the only way he can get that message to us is through the election of un-Godly candidates who preach the horrible truth of gun control?

I know. Holy shit. No one has EVER thought of that before.

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Craziest Super Bowl Ever?

Is it me or is this going to be an insane Super Bowl? The craziness surrounding this event which, inexplicably, was awarded to the New York metro area, has been vastly different than previous years when it was held in New Orleans (not that New Orleans can't get nutty).

Will there even be a game on Sunday? Damn.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who Drinks Tap Water Anymore?

I am just as amazed as anyone else--why isn't this the biggest story on the news?

Try to imagine New York or California dealing with a situation like this: The tap water's only good for toilets, not drinking, washing, cooking or showering; more than a dozen people have been hospitalized for complaints related to water that's been contaminated with a somewhat mysterious chemical; and residents wait in line for bottled water -- or for ice to melt -- in order to have something to drink. 

That's been life since Thursday in West Virginia's capital city, Charleston, where 300,000 people were left without safe water -- again, except for toilet flushing -- after chemicals contaminated the Elk River. Some of the taps have started coming back on; cleanup and testing are underway, according to the news reports on Monday. But the spill, which has been attributed to a leak in a chemical-storage tank not far upriver from the city's water treatment plant, continues to paralyze Charleston.

Now I get the fact that people consume drinking water radically different than they did twenty or thirty years ago--bottled water has become ubiquitous. Drinking tap water is something someone who owns their own well might enjoy but I haven't had tap water in ages. We buy bottled water and drink it regularly, both at home and wherever we go. But clean, safe drinking water is essential for cooking, unless a person buys it by the gallon or uses a large bottled water dispenser. You absolutely have to have it in order to survive for very long. You cannot expect any community to tolerate the loss of their clean supply of drinking water for more than a few days.

This is what it means when we forget the lessons of Love Canal and the environmental movement of the 1970s. We had poisoned, burning rivers, tap water that would make kids sick, and whole communities inundated with birth defects and deaths from cancer and Americans rallied to the idea that the government was supposed to be a watchdog and companies were not to be trusted. Then came the 1980s and de-regulation.

What has happened in West Virginia is a direct result of the Reagan legacy--government is the problem, you say? The government stayed out of the way of Freedom Industries, leaving them alone since 1991 and the first Bush Administration. Look what leaving them alone got the 300,000 people exposed to 4-methylcyclohexane methanol--it got them a little bit of news coverage and not much else. You'd think the Gulf of Mexico spill, courtesy of BP, would have reinvigorated advocacy groups and raised awareness. It appears that it didn't. Drink up.That bottled water is going to have to last you, though.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Glenn Lieberman, scammer

The fact that there were scammers who used 9/11 to falsely claim disability should not come as a shock to anyone. You cannot expect complex organizations to be completely free of unethical employees. Each and every public service organization probably has a case or more of employees being caught claiming injuries that don't exist. Workman's compensation is riddled with such cases as well.

No, what's shocking is how stupid these people were:

On either side of Bratton and the other officials were two blown-up photos set upon easels. One was of retired cop Glenn Lieberman, who had received $175,758.40 from Social Security in addition to his NYPD pension after allegedly fraudulently attesting that he had been so traumatized by 9/11 that he was barely functional, unable to drive or shop or handle money. The picture shows him on a jet ski, flashing a big smile and giving the finger with both hands.

The other photo is of retired cop Richie Cosentino, who received $207,639.70 from Social Security under the same pretext, using nearly identical language. This picture was posted on his Facebook page and it shows him triumphantly holding a big sailfish fish he has just caught.

“It was an awesome day off the coast of Costa Rica,” he wrote.

He had better hope that the prosecutors do not take note of the date of the posting.
“September 11, 2012.”

On the 11th anniversary of 9/11, Cosentino clearly did not imagine that this photo would be shown at a press conference with him, not the fish, on display as the captured one.
As Bratton explained it, the investigation had commenced after Social Security investigators noticed that a considerable number of retired cops who had secured psychiatric disability awards had also applied for pistol permits.

“So we had a discrepancy,” Bratton said.

A discrepancy born of dumbassery, it would seem. Did this happen because the men involved in scamming the NYPD believed that they were above being shamed by malingering or claiming a phony disability? Did the ease with which it is possible to make money doing nothing entice far too many of them? Who knows?

You would think that a police officer claiming disability because he was traumatized by 9/11 would have marked the anniversary at home, quietly, and without drawing attention to himself. Instead, he went fishing in Costa Rica and put a picture up on Facebook. I guess going back to work is in order, huh?

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Ice Bound Icebreaker

I've been following the story of the various icebreakers, research ships, and whoever else is stuck in the ice off the coast of Antarctica for over a week now and I never see answers to the one question that I have:

Is any of this worth risking lives over?

As soon as it became apparent that there were going to be issues, why didn't they just get the people out of there and head home until the Southern Hemisphere's version of warmer weather arrives? Leave the damned thing there and come back and get it later.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blame the Train in Vain


When a train full of crude oil blows up as it is being transported through a residential area, of course you're going to want to blame the trains. That's because you just don't want to blame the fact that short-sighted robber barons are destroying North Dakota's environment by sucking oil out of the prairie and shipping it without doing anything to improve the antiquated transportation infrastructure. It simply wouldn't do to blame the oligarchs. Next they'll blame the luckless people running for their lives.

The problem is, as soon as it became economically viable to extract oil from North Dakota, they opened the floodgates without expanding the railroads, building houses for the workers, and finding safe methods of transporting the oil to the refineries. They just went for it. To hell with what might happen--profit before safety, always, and especially in a Red state.

But, go ahead. Blame the trains. Don't blame incompetence, greed, or a fundamental lack of common sense when it comes to protecting people from the shipment of dangerous materials.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Celebrating Dumbassery

I'm sorry, but this happened because of sheer dumbassery:

In a search involving 200 people, rescuers finally located the family on Tuesday after they had gone missing two days earlier during a playful outing in the snow in mountainous northwest Nevada.

This playful outing involved going into a remote area and joyriding. With children, four of them, in a Jeep. Why were they doing this and why isn't anyone else a little more critical of their choices? Why does the article here gloss over why they were in the mountains and focus on the fact that they were found because of a great deal of hard work undertaken by a number of people who risked their own lives?

Grow the hell up. Respect the climate and the geography where you live. And try to remember that a Jeep does not give you a license to fly across valleys and jump mountains and live life like a Mountain Dew commercial.

It's good that everyone was found. I'm sure it was a traumatic event. But it was avoidable. Don't go joyriding on mountain roads during a deep freeze. Watch a weather forecast. Leave the kids out of your plans to go muddin'. And keep some better winter weather emergency supplies in your damned Jeep.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cobalt-60 Kills You Dead

I love the fatalistic, passive aggressive tone that appears in this article. A thief or thieves stole a truck with some cobalt-60 radioactive material in it and they opened the container, exposing themselves to radiation. This is the opposite of what an American official would say:

The cobalt-60 was found, removed from its casing, in a rural area near the town of Hueypoxtla about 25 miles from where the truck was stolen. Jimenez suspected that curiosity got the better of the thieves and they opened the box. So far the carjackers have not been arrested, but authorities expect they will not live long.

“The people who handled it will have severe problems with radiation,” he said. “They will, without a doubt, die.”

Residents of the Hueypoxtla area must be feeling safe and secure right now.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Do you still have a pair of Crocs?

When it comes to the study of trends and functionality and design, you have to concede that Crocs were a brilliant product. Using almost next to nothing in raw materials, these shoes combined color, curves, looks and functionality and made a big splash. The problem was, they weren't indispensable. They were disposable and inspired copycats. And while it may have been fashionable to be comfortable, Crocs received some bad press along the way.

The biggest knock against them seemed to be a pervasive urban myth: kids were getting them caught in escalators. Then, they were banned in schools because they couldn't provide enough protection and support, especially in bad weather.

Is that what started the decline in sales? Or could it be that the trend simply died out? I have no idea--I've never owned a pair and probably never will.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crazy People Should Not Be Allowed to Buy Guns

Here's what we should be talking about:

Veterans With Mental Problems Should Not Be Allowed to Buy Guns

And you can extend that to people with mental problems should not be allowed to buy guns. I have no problem with that. The problem is, we have an active, fully-financed gun lobby that believes that all the crazy people in the world who hear voices and gnaw on the insides of their cheeks and run around slapping themselves with hams are buying guns because they can and they're using them to shoot people to make the voices stop and that's perfectly okay with the free guns for everyone lobby because Obama is going to take their guns away and this will stop that from happening.

We are well and truly fucked because we can't get past this idea that taking guns away from people who shouldn't have guns is anti-American. It's not. It's common goddamned sense.

Our Congress is bought and paid for by the anti-gun control lobby. This is not just an NRA issue. It's a case where the will of the people is being thwarted directly by money and this has left us with a public safety issue that could be addressed fairly quickly.

Have you been treated for mental illness? Have you been arrested for a gun-related incident? Guess what, Skippy? You don't get to buy anymore guns. And yet, we live in a society that gets outraged--outraged--when you point out the fact that when crazy people buy guns, they tend to do crazy things with them. Shocking, but accurate.

Here's how the dumbest man on the Internet deals with such things--outrage being plentiful when other people are being shot down at work:

When the debate is happening at this level and when sensible people can look at Jim Hoft and agree with his ridiculous posts, that should tell you where this issue is going to land. Someone is going to stand up and give a mournful speech and promise deeds, not more words, and then nothing is going to change. Nothing.

We now have clear evidence that a crazy guy bought guns legally and used them to shoot up his workplace. Full stop. And yet, we will not have that sensible conversation about guns because, of course, Freedom!

This is a public safety issue. If you think it is just about guns, or about liberals taking away guns, think again. It is about ensuring that crazy fucking people are not able to walk into a gun shop in Lorton, Virginia and buy a shotgun. All I want to see happen here is that the guy selling guns in Lorton can have a thriving, decent business that is based on allowing him to, without penalty, deny the crazy fucking ex-Navy guy from buying a gun because he has lost his right to buy guns by being fucking crazy and shooting at things and breaking the law and hearing voices.

Why is that so hard to understand?