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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Clintons Drive Them Crazy

What do you do when an otherwise reasonable adult with a prominent media job loses their ever loving mind?

Well, the pithy response is, he never had his wits about him in the first place. David Frum reveals his inner child here, and you can't fault the man for being racist--with conservatives, that's a feature and not a bug.

And the larger reality is that the Clintons will always drive conservatives around the bend. The Clintons bring out the worst in people who lived through that era and considered themselves Republicans. That whole era was one of such superficial insanity that no one should welcome a return to it, no matter what.

As tired as I am of the Clintons, modern conservatism has gone so far off the deep end that if we were to elect a Democrat to the presidency in 2016 who had never said anything stupid, who saved the lives of a hundred soldiers and a thousand puppies, who had the Medal of Honor, who was named Smith and was from the whitest part of Iowa, and who was gracious and polite, they would still call him a murdering psychopath who fucked animals and ate baboon hearts and wasn't a real American.

They are crazy, all of them, and there's no reasoning with them anymore. Might as well hope for something else.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Only Sarah Palin Can Save America From Obamacare

Someone has to save us from Obamacare because it's working:

“Evan knows Obamacare is a mess,” said an ad from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which blamed the law for lost jobs, dropped coverage and high premiums. An ad from the group Americans for Prosperity, backed by the conservative billionaires David H. and Charles G. Koch, denounced Mr. Rahall for supporting the law, saying it was “going to hurt a lot of people.”

Many professionals here dispute such claims. “It’s working, and you can show it’s working,” Dr. Becker said.

He and other health care advocates call West Virginia a national success story in terms of the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid to more of the working poor. While 24 states have refused to expand Medicaid to those earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level, or $23,850 for a family of four, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, a Democrat, decided over Republican objections that the state — with a population older and sicker than the national average — would do so.

Nationwide, more people have signed up for private plans than for Medicaid, but the results are the opposite in West Virginia, where about 15 percent of residents — 270,000 of 1.8 million — lacked insurance when the law took effect. Initial sign-ups for Medicaid, about 115,000 since Oct. 1, are nearly double what actuaries projected, and roughly five times the number of people believed to have bought private plans from the one insurer in West Virginia’s marketplace, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. An estimated 20,000 to 25,000 people enrolled in private coverage, fewer than predicted.

When she's not baptizing terrorists, perhaps President Palin can end Obamacare and make it so the American people can be free. It is worth noting (nothing?) that John McCain and Palin won West Virginia by 13 points in 2008. At this rate, West Virginia will vote for a Democrat when Hell's frozen over, thanks to the efforts of Republicans who cannot help but to trash each and every government program that is actually a success.

This thing called Affordable Care Act cannot be allowed to succeed. This represents a massive shift in public policy that won't be undone, ever, because it will eliminate the conservative argument against carrying out complex reforms that help the American people. Sarah Palin is the only person dumb enough to win the Presidency and then convince people to stop Obamacare. When she wins in 2016, all your futures will belong to her and so will your healthcare exchange card.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Hate From the Right

How would you feel if the government did nothing to stop someone who has a history of being violent and how would you feel if the person who died at their hands was someone you loved?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified numerous violent extremists over the years, and many of them are just as widely known as Frazier Glenn Cross:

A therapist who worked with visually impaired children. A doctor who did everything he could to help his patients. And the doctor's grandson, a teen auditioning for a singing competition that could win him a scholarship.

Love defined their lives, friends and family said -- lives that were cut short outside two Jewish centers near Kansas City on Sunday by a gunman long accused of spewing hate.

"That idiot absolutely knocked a family to its knees for no reason," said Will Corporon, whose father and nephew were gunned down in the parking lot outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. "My dad should be seeing patients today at his work. ... There is no reason. No reason for this. And it's just a tragedy."

The suspect, Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, faces charges of premeditated first-degree murder after he allegedly opened fire at two Jewish centers. Organizations that track hate groups describe Cross, who is also known as Frazier Glenn Miller, as a long-time white supremacist. Investigators say they plan to pursue federal hate crime charges against him.

I mean, if the evidence is there, how could we, as a society, ignore it?

Our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones in the shootings that left three dead at a Jewish community center and retirement home in Overland Park, Kansas. We feel a special connection to them because we know the killer well.

His name is Frazier Glenn Miller, and he once plotted to assassinate my colleague Morris Dees.

Miller was the leader of a notorious neo-Nazi organization in the 1980s that was stockpiling weapons and training for a race war. His blueprint was a book called The Turner Diaries, a racist manifesto that also inspired the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 men, women, and children.

After Miller was convicted on criminal contempt charges ina case we brought, he went underground, declared “war” on the government, and offered a white supremacist bounty on Morris’ head. Luckily for us, he was caught and went to prison.

Unfortunately, for the people of Overland Park, he was sentenced to only three years.
We’ve been contacted by the authorities and are sharing everything we know about Miller. But the sad truth is that there are other Millers out there – people with hate in their hearts who are willing to kill innocent people in the name of their race.

We ignore it because the gun lobby, and right wing extremists, are able to exist in the mainstream. One of the main detractors of SPLC is conservative pundit Michelle Malkin, and she criticizes them because they have rightly identified the violent, extremist streak that runs through the conservative movement and the Tea Party.Of course, our government identified them as well and the conservative freakout was felt far and wide.

There are violent elements on the left as well. They use terrorism just like the right does. But the two sides are not equals, not by a long shot. There is no "both sides do it" argument because the violent extremists on the left usually end up in prison or ostracized. On the right, they're embraced and defended.

Miller has existed on the fringes but he has been allowed to spread his views on the Vanguard News Network. This man may not have any vocal defenders right now, but he has more than a few sympathetic individuals who are operating in plain sight. The SPLC is often attacked as a left leaning advocacy group, and that's fine. They're willing to put on the big boy pants and fight these animals by exposing their views and actions to the world.

The next time a conservative pundit attacks them, they are simply making common cause with the likes of Miller. This is the tribe they run in and this is the belief structure they support, fringe extremist or not.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Republicans Need to Get Over Their Own Mythology

This whole article treads lightly on reality. Republicans are demographically shifting themselves into a permanent minority. And what's not helping is the fact that they believe their own bullshit:

A few GOP consultants say the party's conservative philosophy hinders the sharing of its best ideas—both with other Republican campaigns and within individual campaigns themselves. "We are so individualistic on the Republican side, both in our philosophy and policy," Harris said. "It definitely bleeds over into how we are managing and structuring campaigns. And we have to break that."

Even the party's agenda can get in the way. As Robert Draper outlined in The New York Times Magazine in February, the party's conservatism on cultural issues might prevent it from recruiting the young operatives it needs from Silicon Valley and other places. The problems with these tech-savvy youths mirror the GOP's problem with young voters in general who might sympathize with the party's fiscal conservatism. As Draper wrote, the GOP's opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights alienates those would-be operatives. The talent pools the GOP must tap into, then, are running dry.

Hidebound and out of touch with the shifting of the culture is more like it. This is why the Republicans lose among minorities and lose among young people--they are still running on racial issues and tribalism. The people who supported racism and cultural conservatism in decades past are dying off. The longer the GOP waits for change--and by change we mean becoming more like Democrats just like always--the harder it will be to keep Gerrymandering their way into office.

You would have thought that there would have already been a Tea Party purge. Instead, they just keep doubling down, hoping that medical science will preserve enough Republican voters. Someone should have embraced a medical industry reform initiative so that older people would live longer. I hear Mitt Romney had an idea along those lines and couldn't run on it because his entire party was batshit crazy.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fox News Can't Help Itself

The jokes write themselves.

Once the political fortunes of Chris Christie began to collapse--you need not call him governor anymore because they are going to keep at him until he resigns--Fox News started screaming Benghazi as much as it possibly could. They dumped out of his news conference and look for Sean Hannity to start handing off to Megyn Kelly with teasers about new bombshells about Benghazi.

What Republicans don't understand is that this couldn't have happened at a better time. Once Christie is gone, they have ten months until the 2014 elections; after that, the 2016 Presidential Election cycle will kick off in the spring of 2015. By this time in a year, no one will remember Christie if he gets out of politics now and they won't have the Outlaw Jersey Whale to carry around on their backs.

Christie is the John Edwards of the Republican Party. He has a tin ear for what's appropriate, he doesn't care if what he's doing affects the party, and he sees himself as being above scrutiny in all things. He has that lethal combination of being certain of his future while doing whatever it takes to destroy his chances. The Republican Party doesn't know how lucky it is to have this guy exposed so soon after the election cycle. If this was September of 2014, they'd be reeling from being associated with this ratfucker.

Chris Christie will go down as a ratfucker, and he will be remembered as a Nixon who coulda been.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Congressman Drugs Does Not Know Why He Should be Ashamed

Trey Radel doesn't have what politicians used to have. He has no shame. He isn't embarrassed enough by his conviction for buying cocaine to step down from his job as a Congressman. That's what is missing in this equation.

There used to be a much stronger party apparatus as well. By now, someone would have explained to him and his chief of staff that his resignation announcement would be delivered on a Friday afternoon and that he was to disappear. Not anymore. Everyone shrugs and no one cares. A Congressman on drugs? Who gives a damn anymore?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Austerians All Around Me

Paul Krugman is being shrill again:

[...] it’s hard to see why France deserves any particular opprobrium. So again, what’s going on? 

Here’s a clue: Two months ago Olli Rehn, Europe’s commissioner for economic and monetary affairs — and one of the prime movers behind harsh austerity policies — dismissed France’s seemingly exemplary fiscal policy. Why? Because it was based on tax increases rather than spending cuts — and tax hikes, he declared, would “destroy growth and handicap the creation of jobs.” 

In other words, never mind what I said about fiscal discipline, you’re supposed to be dismantling the safety net. 

S.& P.’s explanation of its downgrade, though less clearly stated, amounted to the same thing: France was being downgraded because “the French government’s current approach to budgetary and structural reforms to taxation, as well as to product, services and labor markets, is unlikely to substantially raise France’s medium-term growth prospects.” Again, never mind the budget numbers, where are the tax cuts and deregulation? 

You might think that Mr. Rehn and S.& P. were basing their demands on solid evidence that spending cuts are in fact better for the economy than tax increases. But they weren’t. In fact, research at the I.M.F. suggests that when you’re trying to reduce deficits in a recession, the opposite is true: temporary tax hikes do much less damage than spending cuts.

The social safety net in France, which is socialism, of course, is actually helping to contain the economic damage that has been pervasive throughout Europe. Their health care costs are a fraction of our health care costs, Obamacare be damned. That's one major aspect of their economy that isn't following them around like a boat anchor in a wagon made with square wheels. Not every socialistic, evil idea is actually economically unsound, apparently. Otherwise, why would France be surviving Europe's economic debacles?

As we apply these facts to the situation in America, remember this: the presumptive nominees for the presidency in the Republican Party worship at the altar of austerity and would cut off their entire nose if it would spite their face and gain them a single primary victory in the deep South. Chris Christie has repeatedly refused to spend money to alleviate the suffering of people in his state unless, of course, they are people who might vote for him. And if you have an opinion different than his, he uses that old charm of his to scream hell into your face. Americans are going to vote for Christie because they want to see the fat man bellow at The Others and make the economy go bust on purpose. Hell, the man ought to just be handed the presidency outright.

The Republican Party loves poor rural white people. They've been making more and more of them for as long as anyone can remember and they're doing it through the old chicken wing technique. Austerity bends the economy's arm back like a chicken wing--try and make an honest living walking around like that.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don't Pretend to Care About Veterans After Shutting Down the Government

In case you missed it, the same people who are now scrambling to restore the death benefits for fallen soldiers are still holding fast to the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to slash the food stamps that deployed soldiers use to feed their families.

They can shut down the government and screw everyone but when some aspect of that becomes too politically charged, these "leaders" will do whatever it takes to turn the headlines around. The families of Veterans are overwhelmingly in the lower economic brackets of our society and these are the people that the Republican Party are punishing in order to balance their phony austerity budgets. When have we, as a society, ever been this schizophrenic? You love Veterans? Really? Then why are you hurting them like this? Why did you insist on sequestration, which further threatened Veterans benefits?

Republican family values demonstrate that it's perfectly okay to hate and hurt the poor. But when they're Veterans, it's a strategic imperative to make the media see that they are willing to pay out the benefits for the dead while cutting what little their families get to buy food.