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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blog Rock

It is, however, the definitive article of "blog rock"—for a record that was initially praised for having no context, it’s nothing but context in 2015. I’m going to assume that some of you would’ve been in grade school or even kindergarten when Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was released. Thus, a debriefing on "blog rock." It’s a very silly genre name, like pretty much all genre names. Most give some indication as to its sound, its scene, maybe even a description of how one should listen to it. Though blog rock eventually took on a definable set of characteristics, it’s a unique case where the name references the delivery system of the people who write about it. It has extremely little to do with the actual music, which is the entire point.

I missed Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and I missed Neutral Milk Hotel. I am still not convinced those are bands, but the evidence in front of my face says otherwise. 

This is all proof that there are things that are important that many, many people never paid attention to and don't remember. At all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Andrew Sullivan Gives Up and Quits

Good for you, Andrew Sullivan! You finally decided to give up. Wish I could.

This sounds like trolling to me, but I have two questions:

One of the things I’ve always tried to do at the Dish is to be up-front with readers. This sometimes means grotesque over-sharing; sometimes it means I write imprudent arguments I have to withdraw; sometimes it just means a monthly update on our revenues and subscriptions; and sometimes I stumble onto something actually interesting. But when you write every day for readers for years and years, as I’ve done, there’s not much left to hide. And that’s why, before our annual auto-renewals, I want to let you know I’ve decided to stop blogging in the near future.

Will there be refunds for all of those people who paid to support him and his new startup?

Will there be a reckoning for the bigotry and the warmongering?

Didn't think so. Somewhere, Freddie DeBoer is leaping through the air as if he and his droogs just had a bit of the old ultraviolence.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mark Radcliffe is Tormenting Steve Kilbey

David Bowie and someone named Mark Radcliffe

Oh, that didn't take too long to figure out, now did it?

Steve Kilbey of the Church has better things to do than moderate the hateful, trollish comments left on his blog by Mark Radcliffe. Kilbey is about to tour and support one of the finest albums of the year, The Church's Further Deeper album.

Here, Kilbey details the hateful, absolutely intolerable comments left on his website.

Steve, why do your eldest daughters hate you?
i dunno. but i hear your little dog toto adores you

Your whole life is a lie.
Why don’t you try living up to the values you spout?
Because it’s too hard and you’re too soft.
at least theyre my own lies
your life is stalking your betters on fan pages gushing dribbling and being rude

Steve, why have so many lives been ruined by you?
gee thats kinda general
what about you deejay?

Through a little checking, Kilbey was able to deduce that Mark Radcliffe, a BBC Radio personality, has been the culprit, relentlessly posting nasty things on his blog.

Is this true? Why would the BBC employ Radcliffe if he's out trolling people like this?

Radcliffe needs to take stock of his life and seek professional help.

Monday, July 14, 2014

One Third of the American People Are Always Crazy

Talk about a non-story.

Talk about a ridiculous subject for a story relating to American politics.

Talk about a nothingburger.

I mean, seriously. Support for impeaching President Obama is (gasp!) at the one-third mark? Meaning, about 33.3% of Americans want the President to be removed from office? Seriously?

At any given time in American political life, one third of the public is absolutely batshit crazy with a consuming belief that whoever is President (doesn't matter--it really does not) is wrong on everything, evil, and has abused their power.

One third?

Give me a break. I don't know who Peter Moore is but he has the cushiest gig in blogging. He doesn't have to think at all and he doesn't even have to try anymore.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Arthur Chu Lost Because of Benghazi

I'm getting sick of this meme, but I suppose there really are people who believe that everything that goes wrong in the world is entirely because of Benghazi. Some of those people are nuts and one of them is Lindsey Graham. Consider this gratuitous click bait.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aquarium Drunkard

As the music world drifts into the past, drowned out by video games and self-obsessed whining, it's entirely possible to reverse things by looking at great music sites. The only thing that will save music is giving a shit about artists.

Aquarium Drunkard is one of those sites. Check it out.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

They Are Going to Jail All the Bloggers Now

I guess I have to stop calling Chris Christie a ratfucker and I guess we have to put the fee-fees of people who lie, cheat, steal and grift their way to prominence. I guess it's all over for political blogging.

If they can put Roger Shuler in jail, they can put anyone in jail.

I remember admiring his work on Legal Schnauzer and how he covered a lot of the local issues in Alabama. When Governor Don Siegelman was railroaded into prison for being a Democrat, Shuler was all over that story as well. What the New York Times story misses is the fact that putting Siegelman in prison was a Karl Rove ratfuck of the highest order. Siegelman was taken out of office specifically because he was a Democrat in the state of Alabama--nothing more. His crimes? Someone donated money to his campaign and then the government did something indirectly that favored them. If you took the standard applied to Siegelman and applied that to every politician in America, you'd have to build a dozen new Federal prisons a month to house them all.

Shuler is guilty of being a gadfly and a pest to people in power. This is why bloggers really are journalists at heart--they comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. They kick up, not down, when they're doing it right and Shuler had to have been doing it right. There would be no other reason to put him in jail, would there?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Wonder Sucks

The extension crept into the Google Chrome browser, and I used it to look for The Guardian newspaper.

Instead of going to the newspaper, you're bombarded with ads and sponsored links. Guardian dental shows up as the number one search result? Fine. But I'm used to the idea that there is a hierarchy in search which should lead the user to the most prominent site, and that would be the site of the Guardian newspaper. I suppose you could argue about this, but, to me, sponsored content should not take up as much real estate as you see in the above screenshot. is gone. See ya! No wonder you lost the search engine wars.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Too Tan or Too European?

I live in a part of Germany where these ads are everywhere right now; some of them are even less modest than the one depicted above and feature a model that is way, way more tan (or at least looks more tanned).

The H&M chain is very popular here and their ads run on a regular basis. But I don't think anyone here really registers the same level of outrage that is shared in the article. Europeans tan very deeply, and on purpose, and despite the warnings of skin cancer. As soon as the sun comes out, people take the time to get their tan going, and today was no exception. The people I saw today were heavily tanned, and that's because tanning booths or sonnen studios are very popular in the colder months of the year. It's like everything else. Here, they just say to hell with it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Biggest Music Group of the 1990s Gets Back Together

The Spice Girls were the biggest band of the 1990s, and that's not my opinion at all. This is an argument that it isn't even worth having.

They have sold 75 million records, making them the number one girl group of all time. Their live comeback was "better" than the one mounted by Led Zeppelin and The Sex Pistols. They do have some credits to back them up.

I am only marginally interested in the Spice Girls. Never bought the music, never paid attention to what they did, but I will acknowledge them as a cultural movement. They are largely forgotten now in the United States, but, in Britain, these ladies were all the rage on the front pages of the newspapers and in the celebrity gossip machine personified by Rupert Murdoch's papers and all of his competitors. Their lives were pulled apart and examined and it is still, to this day, impossible to understand how Victoria Beckham keeps it all together. What woman on Earth has been hounded more than Beckham? Well, Melanie Brown and Geri Halliwell might want to get in there for a word. Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm didn't exactly get a free ride from the press in the native country, either.

In any event, they are playing for the Queen. This means something in Britain. I don't think it will merit more than a yawn in the States. Perhaps there are legions of hardcore Spice Girls fans in the Midwest. Who knows?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Limp Bizkit Had a Record Deal?

This is one of those stories where you have to say, "hold on a minute."

Limp Bizkit is still a band?

They had a record deal?

Interscope Records is still in business?

Someone released something that they recorded recently after paying them to make music?

And Fred Durst is happy that they are now unsigned?

None of that makes any sense to me. By all rights, neither Limp Bizkit nor Interscope Records should still exist. I realize that it wasn't that long ago that they were both actually viable (or were they?) but we're creeping up on 2012. At some point, you have to acknowledge that the ship has sailed.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Original Old Sorehead

I have held a civil tongue for about as many days as I can handle. In a week, no one will speak of or remember Andy Rooney. The old sorehead worked for thirty years past his own expiration date. Whoever thought it was a good idea to keep him around didn't count on him living into his nineties and working as long as he did. Good riddance to him. His schtick was that of a hater of all things that most people didn't care about. His writing was tired and without inspiration. His persona was that of a small-town grandpa who hates kids and sets things on fire just because no one will stand up to him. And for this, he made a living? Good luck finding that gig now.

The reason why people read or listened to Rooney was for the sheer pleasure of hearing or seeing or reading something that someone should never have bothered to write, say, or do. He was the original Seinfeld. Yes, you observe something and you think you have a point. Great. Now, can we have our Sunday evening back? Thank you very much.

Rooney was, for all intents and purposes, a crank with a mean streak. He didn't like anyone or anything unless it came with a dollar in its hand or something for him to ram down his gullet. He was one of the last remaining links to the post-World War II elitism of modern American journalism. You sons of bitches better get off his lawn. That crazy old drunk has money and a gun, and he always made like he was going to use both to settle some imaginary score with no one who gave a damn about his views on staplers or postcards or money belts. Aye, you should have crossed the street and avoided him. Millions of children will be born in the coming weeks. They will no more know Andy Rooney than they will Arthur Godfrey. That's what Andy Rooney will become. He will become Arthur Godfrey. No one will speak of him, remember him, watch him or read of him. He shall become dust.

If it was inane and useless, Andy Rooney milked it like it was a fat cow squirting liquid gold. Not everyone who survived World War II was part of the Greatest Generation. Some of those old bastards were destined to haunt us for decades, using the glory of the dead as their calling card. Rooney was one of those jackasses. Shamed into admitting that the war was justified, he did what any fool would have done and used it to try and establish his own sense of moral superiority for "having been there." A lot of men came back from that war and appreciated the beauty of life. Rooney pissed on daily life and made money cheapening and belittling every precious thing he could use as material. Had he been an infantryman, he would have appreciated the 92 years he was given. Instead, he used his life to grouse and complain about everything. Finally, the old man shuts up. Finally, we have silence. Finally, we will not have to put up with his whining.

No one will ever make Andy Rooney money doing what Andy Rooney did ever again. No more executive washroom, no more office crammed with books, no more choice piece of broadcasting real estate for you, sir. You're done. And now they can tear down that old eyesore and put in something without any substance, flair, or intellect and replace him just the same. Rooney came with none of those things. He chiseled his way in and stayed there, like the late Don Hewitt's personal piece of dead wood, and stayed there until death took his bloated, screaming carcass away on a donkey covered in bees and motor oil.

Yes, a donkey covered in bees and motor oil. Can I have his gig now? What, this isn't the audition? Damn.

Andy Rooney. Small-minded sorehead. Dead. We're done here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Always Fun to Hate Nickelback

Back when Creed was the band everyone loved to hate, there wasn't much you could do on the Internet to express your anger. Sure, newsgroups were fun, and then AOL chat rooms were a blast, but now? Now you go after Nickelback with an online petition.

I think that there should be a special YouTube channel that features all of Nickelback's inherent suckiness, especially that clip where they got bottled off the stage in Europe.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't Shoot Lou

Is there a band out there that is more constrained by their own fans than Metallica?

Whenever you wander into any discussion about Metallica, there are invariably two camps. There are people who just like them and don't care what they do and then there are people who believe that the band's last decent album was ...And Justice For All and don't want to hear anything past that, forever locking them in the place and time in which they arbitrarily "killed" the band.

What is really shocking is to hear that people have such strong feelings for Lou Reed. The commercial indifference that would have met his latest release, had he not worked with Metallica, is out of proportion to his genius. But, by expanding his horizons and, by association, that of Metallica, he seems to have stepped into it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Courtney Love Has Never Been Acquainted With the Truth

Courtney Love is going to write a book? About what? How wonderful she is? How nothing is her fault? Please.

I predict that it will be a bunch of dishonest and self-serving nonsense. Oh, and Love will blame Dave Grohl for every single problem she has ever had.

The problem is not the idea of Love writing a book; the problem lies with the people who put this deal together and sold it as something valid and worthwhile. No book written by Love would ever approach the truth or setting any sort of record straight. She will have her ghostwriter conjure up bullshit and that will be the end of it. The media will cover it and review it when it comes out. Who cares?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sly Stone Should Have Showed Up Once In a While For Those Gigs

There are plenty of people who decide to flake out and stop caring. Sly Stone flaked out and stopped being able to function decades ago. Who is genuinely shocked that he is semi-homeless or this destitute?

It's sad, but it does speak to the need to show up and actually play the gig.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Who the Hell Covers John Lennon's Imagine?

I mean, wow.
Just over a decade since A Perfect Circle’s previous show at Roy Wilkins Auditorium (they last played the Twin Cities at the Pantages in 2003), the band returned to St. Paul offering little in the way of excitement and freshness after their six-year hiatus.
I saw A Perfect Circle play a handful of times between 2001-2003, and many of them were fantastic shows, but sadly, what we got on Wednesday night in St. Paul was a band that seemed to be going through the motions. It also did not help the band’s case any that over half of the setlist came from their awful third album Emotive, eight of the show’s 18 songs being covers from that record. The politically charged album was released to coincide with the 2004 Presidential election, and while the cover choices were poignant and timely then, a lot has changed in the political landscape in the last seven years and most of the covers felt a bit forced as a result. Songs like John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” are timeless, but the messages behind those cover choices the band made almost a decade ago were mostly lost on the audience, and the slow and dull arrangements offered nothing of interest musically.
A FANTASTIC example of what a review should be. When I read this review, I don't know about you, but I want to thank the reviewer for laying it on the line. When you give a review that tells the truth about what you've seen, you open yourself up for attacks. I'm sorry, but that's the opinion of the person reviewing it. Post your own if you disagree.

If your band is playing a cover of "Imagine" as the second song in your setlist, forget it. You are completely and utterly out of fucking ideas and have no idea how to present yourself to the public. Talk about absolutely killing any enthusiasm for your show. Here's a song that will bring everything to an immediate halt and now we'll have a decades-old moment of chin stroking.