Friday, June 11, 2021

The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes


Babe Rainbow by The House of Love is easily the most overlooked masterpiece album of the 1990s. Released in the summer of 1992, it is a wonder to behold and fit with nothing being put out at the time. 

The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes should have been a number one song everywhere.

WARNING: This video has flashing lights that may be problematic or difficult for some people.

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  1. Indeed it is a great record. And under-rated. Separate but related, if you're interested, Terry Bickers plays guitar on five of the ten tracks of my modest project's debut LP that will be out in 4-5 months on a UK label - I'd be happy to send you a (white) vinyl copy. I can't not send it to someone who writes a blog called The Killing Moon (double negative noted). Just shoot me an email at: or don't, which is also fine.