Friday, June 11, 2021

The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes


Babe Rainbow by The House of Love is easily the most overlooked masterpiece album of the 1990s. Released in the summer of 1992, it is a wonder to behold and fit with nothing being put out at the time. 

The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes should have been a number one song everywhere.

WARNING: This video has flashing lights that may be problematic or difficult for some people.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Five Stars


Wolf Alice receive five stars from the NME for their third album.

In broad strokes, ‘Blue Weekend’ is a study on relationships – yes, with romantic partners, but also with friends, with yourself and with the world at large. The sparse and minimal heartbreaker ‘No Hard Feelings’ contains evocative scenes within its exploration of a separation. “It’s not hard to remember when it was tough to hear your name,” Rowsell sighs. “Crying in the bathtub to ‘Love Is A Losing Game’.” The song referenced might change for different people, but the feeling that sucker-punches you from within is universal.

Albums still matter.