Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Justice is Served

New Jersey needs to find some better cops:

Federal prosecutors in New Jersey said Wednesday that they were dropping drunken-driving charges against musician Bruce Springsteen.

Mr. Springsteen was arrested on Nov. 14 by federal law enforcement rangers in Gateway National Recreation Area. He had faced charges of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and for reckless driving, according to prosecutors. He was also charged with consuming alcohol in a closed area.

During a hearing Wednesday, prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey said they were dropping the two driving-related charges because tests showed Mr. Springsteen’s blood-alcohol level was under the legal limit. Federal Judge Anthony R. Mautone subsequently dismissed the two charges during the hearing.

During the hearing, Mr. Springsteen pleaded guilty to the third charge of consuming alcohol in a closed area. Judge Mautone imposed a $500 fine on Mr. Springsteen for the charge, citing the rock star’s mostly clean driving record and lack of previous criminal convictions.

If it were any other elderly male in that jurisdiction, he would have gotten off with a warning. I don't think he was treated fairly at the time of his arrest. This was largely a "fuck you" from law enforcement to a recording artist who has been holding cops accountable for decades with a consistent message of "apply the law fairly."

That's all this was. Springsteen could live anywhere in the world and he chooses to stay in New Jersey. That should say something about his character and his belief that you should not be a hypocrite in your life or your art.

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