Thursday, January 21, 2021

No Glastonbury This Year


Well, this is very sad but not entirely unexpected. It is just not safe to have a festival of this size in our current state. You could make it a restricted event and have people vaccinated beforehand, but how do you plan for that in the summer when we are struggling in the middle part of January to understand the situation? Glastonbury is not an English only affair and Brexit probably complicates it behind the scenes. How does someone living in the Netherlands come to the festival this year with all of that headache ahead of them?

This will have the added effect of causing numerous music acts to miss another year of income. And that's devastating--it rolls downhill from the artists to everyone who supports the live music industry. There is no foreseeable effort to bail them out in England at all. The government there hates the music industry with a passion, and the feeling is mutual.

Again, very sad.

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