Thursday, January 14, 2021

Neil Peart in Rolling Stone


It was interesting to read this article and see some updates about what has happened in the year that has gone by. The death of Neil Peart is a private matter for his friends and his family and I did not need to know any more about that. I don't consider myself someone who needs to stay on top of what's happening so I did not know about Alex Lifeson's health issues from earlier this year. On the whole, everyone seems so broken hearted. Very sad.

What bothers me about the idea of Rolling Stone doing a cover story on Peart is that, when he was alive and when he was making music, they didn't really give him the time of day or acclaim that he deserved until the later period of the band's existence. Certainly, in the period up to the mid-2000s, there was little if any respect paid to Peart, to Rush as a whole, and to the accomplishments of the band in the music business and as artists. 

They went decades without good reviews, television appearances, and the sort of appreciation that they had coming. How did that feel? Did they care? Did Peart care about any of that? I doubt he really did. But when you think of everyone connected to Rush and to the business of getting their music in front of people, yeah, I think it must have been difficult to see their year-in, year-out efforts dismissed and ignored.  I'm still shocked that they are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They outclass they place, they really do.

Rolling Stone in particular ignored the fact that Rush was tremendously successful both as recording artists and live performers. Their albums flew off the shelves; their tours were extensive and it is easy to see that, halfway through their career, they had already eclipsed so many "cooler" and "hipper" bands.

The deaths of Gord Downey and Neil Peart have driven a stake through the heart of the music community in Canada. Such tragic losses but so many great memories and great songs left behind.

Anyway, I don't need to see or read more. I have the records and that's enough. 

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