Sunday, May 17, 2020

Worry About the Government

Your periodic reminder that electing assholes means there will always be more suffering:
A new survey by the Musicians’ Union has revealed that almost one fifth of musicians are currently considering abandoning their careers because of a lack of support from the British Government.
19 per cent of respondents to the Union’s Impact Survey said they might give up on their career due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis on their livelihoods.
The Union say that “a significant number” of their members, the majority of whom are self-employed, are struggling financially, and that 38 per cent are falling short of the criteria required to receive assistance from the Government.
You can see the difference here in America. We elected Democrats in the House of Representatives. Those Democrats have come through for the American people, time and time again. They're funding relief efforts, they're bringing forth legislation that would alleviate a lot of the stress being faced in all sectors of our economy, including the arts.

And yet, because we voted in conservatives and grifters and crooks, we're watching all of the money go to the people who don't need it. This is true in America and elsewhere. In Britain, the Tory government wants to eviscerate every possible critic and destroy the country in order to enrich the financial sector. Remember this the next chance you get to vote.

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