Monday, April 13, 2020

Tim Burgess is Here to Save Your Sanity

Listen along with Tim:
When the listening parties took off @matbroughty & @gingerbeardman (who didn’t know each other) got in touch to offer help with a website so we could keep track of what was happening when. Together they made & maintain
we just clicked past 1,250,000 views
Tim's Listening Parties is now a thing, and it has translated into an effort to support musicians by encouraging people to buy the music they're hearing.

Lots of people have been asking where they can buy vinyl copies of the albums that we've featured at the listening parties. Record shops need as much help as we can give them just now so I had a thought. We've had over 1,000,000 views of our website in the last couple of weeks...

...we'll start a page on the website with links to independent record shops (that do mail order) so you can browse and buy new and second hand vinyl, CDs etc. So, get in touch if you are an independent record shop and we can make a start. Sound good?

Basically, these are hosted events that bring people as close together as possible, given our circumstances. People are talking about music and sharing as much as they can. This is a good thing.

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