Monday, April 27, 2020

Fairly Maligned

Whenever someone tries to rehabilitate the reputation of the third Oasis album, Be Here Now, please note that they're doing so because they don't remember hearing it.
Thanks to self-isolation, people have significantly more free time on their hands. Time to finally get through that stack of books, maybe, or learn the piano like you’ve been telling your mates you will for a decade. There are endless evenings to ponder the really big questions. How will humanity rebuild after a pandemic such as this? What do I want to change about my life once lockdown is over? Was ‘Be Here Now’ actually… quite good?
I probably like this record better than most people. I remember getting it, I remember where I was when it came out, and it was fine. I didn't feel angry or cheated and I didn't trade it in for something else like so many others did. There are great songs on Be Here Now. It was played and sung as well as could be expected. But it was a bloated, overly indulgent affair because there was no one around to explain that mixing an album whilst high on cocaine is a bad idea.

It's easier for me to flip this album with The Masterplan, which was a compilation of B-sides that came out as a stopgap for the demise of the band. Oasis should have put out The Masterplan as a proper, standalone third album, and said, "here you go, this will tide you over." They should have built it around the title track and Acquiesce, and put out singles and acted like it wasn't just something thrown together. In and of itself, The Masterplan is a classic rock and roll album.

Everything written after that should have been shelved for a bit. Oasis needed a break and they didn't take one. Then they should have edited twenty minutes out of Be Here Now and had someone who wasn't high as a fucking kite mix it.

There you go, there's the truth.

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