Thursday, March 26, 2020


I don't have any insight into the, but an Oasis reunion concert won't happen until COVID-19 is under some sort of control. I don't think any gigs are happening until we get to that point.

Having said that, I very much doubt that this argument is going to move Noel Gallagher into reunion mode. He seems to be releasing the last of his experimental EPs and is ready to go into semi-retirement until something compels him to play live in front of people and record new music. It will all be done on his timetable and that's that.

Using shame or the promise of giving the proceeds to charity is a bit underhanded. Both of the Gallagher brothers could join in with other artists and play sets with their respective bands. An Oasis show would accomplish what, exactly? The larger the venue, the larger the overhead, so while it is true that they could raise significant amounts of money, it would create a logistical problem. How do you accommodate everyone who wants to see it and how do you raise charity funds from such a thing when you're going to need to do multiple shows at a massive venue?

Really, there are better ways to support the NHS and the people who need help. Planning for a theoretical show when we don't know when it will be safe for people to congregate once again is a pipe dream right now.

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