Friday, January 17, 2020

YouTube is Ripping Everyone Off

There are few artists willing to speak up about how they're getting ripped off by streaming services, and it's always noteworthy when someone does:
Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor has called out streaming services for paying “less than pennies” when it comes to royalties. 
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Speaking in a new interview, the frontman took aim at exploitive royalty rates and revealed just how little the band receives. 
“You are being paid less than pennies,” he told the Irish Times. “In the United States, they have passed the legislation [the Music Modernization Act 2018] but it is being appealed. I am hoping that it will be struck down.” 
Continuing, he shared that YouTube pay the least out of the music streaming platforms. “A million streams on YouTube is 0.04 per cent of a penny,” he said. “On a million streams you get $400 and that’s just me doing shitty math in my head. 
“People can’t live on that and there’s not a lot of people who get these numbers. The majority of this goes to the record label anyway. The streaming services are not willing to pay the talents who write the songs and makes the music and yet they are sitting on billions of dollars. 
“They are buying whole blocks of buildings and then taking over floors in there and yet they don’t want to pay the people who made the money for them. It’s insane. It’s tough all over in a lot of ways. Something has to change. I don’t know what that will be.”
The government's inability to regulate the streaming services is just one failure. No one is going to give money to artists if they are not compelled to do, so, here we are. If there was a commonly agreed-upon standard payout rate for streaming music, no one would bother going into that business and the streaming industry would collapse. They exist right now precisely because it is legal to steal music, make it available to the public, and walk away from any serious discussion about paying the artists that make music.

YouTube has been allowed to stand up a massively profitable business because it does not adequately compensate the people who provide the content. We have to fix this, and we have to do so because artists deserve to make a living wage.

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