Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Discover New Music Every Chance You Get

I try to find as much new music as I can because I am a firm believer that nostalgia and listening exclusively to the same things over and over again will lead any person right to stagnation and ruin. Or maybe just a rut you can’t get out of.

This is merely a suggestion, and you may be put off by Beabadoobee and her 90s aesthetic, but my first pass at her recent EP has lead me to conclude she is the real deal and doesn’t live in the past. It’s perfectly okay to take the “old” way of doing things and make it your own. I love loads of bands that basically copped the Small Faces and played 60s music in the 1990s. There’s a fuck ton of bands that have adopted the Shoegazer style of playing and are making vital, necessary music all over the world right this very minute.

It’s all good. Find things that are being made right now and enjoy it.

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