Monday, August 13, 2018

Apples & Oranges

Always happy to buy some new music and support an artist like Andy Partridge.

If you didn't already know, he has a wonderful single out, and you can get it on CD. I was not quick enough to get it on vinyl, but that's okay, because I am a kid of the 90s and I like CDs just fine. Oh, I have your spinning vinyl discs, and I like them well enough, but give me the pristine clarity of an impersonal silver plate and I am happy enough.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Streaming Music is Still a Form of Piracy

This is a really smart move on behalf of streaming music companies--ensure that the general public is convinced that what they are doing is NOT stealing music when they admit that that's what they used to do:

The number of Britons illegally downloading music has fallen, a new study has found. 

Conducted by YouGov, the report revealed that streaming has steadied the number of people pirating music as more affordable options for consuming music have become available in recent years.

One in ten Britons said they download music illegally – an 18 percent drop from five years ago. That number should become even lower, too, as 22 percent of people who said they illegally download music said they don’t expect to still be doing it in another five years time. 

Using unverified sources such as file sharing sites and torrents to illegally download music is becoming more difficult, according to 36 percent of those who pirate music in Britain. Surveyed participants added that the rise of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music had helped them stop illegally downloading music by making it easier than pirating, offering fair pricing and “fill[ing] the vacuum” with new releases and old songs. 

People who said they still accessed music illegally also explained why they continued to do so. Over half of the group (51 percent) said it was frustrating when music is released exclusively on one platform, like BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z releasing their joint album ‘Everything Is Love’ only on Tidal at first. Meanwhile, 44 percent of responders said they only illegally downloaded music when they couldn’t find it anywhere else. 

In a press release, YouGov’s Associate Director Justin Marshall said: “While illegal downloads still present a significant challenge to the music industry, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Our research reveals a change in behaviour, with those that previously attained music by unlawful means now being enticed by the low costs and ease of use associated with streaming.


The technology has caught up to the immediate needs of the people who consume music--they want everything right now, and they're willing to pay a small fee for it, even though they know they can just download it, organize it, store it, and retrieve it for themselves. What this amounts to is laziness on the part of the consumers responding to this survey--it's easier to "stream" it than it is to "pirate" it becomes a new mantra.

Never mind that this is just another clever dodge.

Never mind that, even if you're paying for a streaming service, the vast majority of the people making listenable music aren't getting paid. The streaming services themselves are sitting on the cash, using it to keep themselves in business, while an understaffed or non-existent compliance department somehow forgets to send the checks to the artists whose music is being used to keep them viable.

Never mind that a select handful of people at the top of the music industry on the commercial side are reaping most of the financial benefits that an artist currently without a major deal could never receive from any streaming service.

Are you an artist who made music twenty or thirty years ago? The chances are, people are still listening to your music and you're getting paid--maybe twenty bucks this year, maybe fifty bucks a couple of years ago, if that. 

This is all a scam, and artists are still being ripped off. Even though streaming is pushing out illegal downloading, you can be rest assured that there are countless artists out there who made great music that are never going to see the earnings they deserve.