Saturday, March 31, 2018

Midnight Oil 1984

Last year, Midnight Oil came back to life as a band and toured the world. They showed everyone what music with a conscience sounded like (hey, wasn't there a band called U2 once that tried to do the same thing?). I am waiting for the live album that will eventually be released that will properly document the shows they put on for fans everywhere. I don't know if it's the end of the band or if they will wait five years and put out new music and go back out there.

I do know one thing. We need Midnight Oil now more than ever. I hope they have it in them to document the atrocities of the Trump era.

There is a new documentary out about their impact on the music world called Midnight Oil 1984. What a year for them--they recorded and released the amazing Red Sails in the Sunset and went on another barn burning tour of the world.

Red Sails is one of the most amazing albums ever. Recorded with cutting edge (at the time, of course) digital technology, you can really hear the experimentation and the defiance of the band. When asked to go and produce radio-friendly singles, they told their record company to go pound sand.

Somewhere in the period between Red Sails and Diesel & Dust, they went back out onto the road and documented their attempt to reinvent themselves as a band. 

I have a copy of Black Fella, White Fella in storage and it is a tremendous document of their ability as a live band. Instead of arenas and festivals, they packed themselves in trucks and played for people in the outback, preferring the backslapping of the indigenous people of Australia to the fawning bellows of an inebriated crowd in a massive field.

The trailer for Midnight Oil 1984 looks amazing. Someone should have just merged the two projects together and given BF, WF a proper re-release. 

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