Thursday, March 15, 2018

Julian Casablancas is a Useful Idiot

Nobody has to listen to what Julian Casablancas has to say about anything ever again:

Julian Casablancas has argued how the “whole mainstream resistance” to Donald Trump “completely misses the point” because the President is “just like a symbolic facade, puppet of the real problems”.

The Strokes frontman recently spoke to Rolling Stone, admitting that he is somewhat a fan of Russia Today because the controversial TV network gives airtime to American dissidence, despite “obviously” also being pro-Putin propaganda.

“The dissident voices like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, you used to see them a little bit in the mainstream,” Casablancas said. “And now it’s so repressed that people have to go to like, RT, to speak their opinion, and now they’re trying to shut RT down.”

“It’s almost like the new Star Wars where there’s like 10 people left on a ship and that’s, like, the Resistance. That’s all that’s left.”

Well, that guy turned out to be a fucking idiot. First, it's as if he has no idea America elected Barack Obama, and I would be shocked if this guy has ever voted anywhere, ever. Second, RT is Russian state propaganda, designed to influence other countries to split up, fall apart, and go to war with themselves. Third, if you're savvy enough to note that RT is obviously pro-Putin, then how is it you haven't figured out that it serves as a means to hiding what Putin is really doing to Russia and to Western democracy?



  1. I was about to say: "This shit stinks. Get a life, American Lion", then I realized that you are just like a symbolic facade, a puppet of the real problems.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Julian.