Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Old Man Says Nutty Stuff

Is this a thing now?

Crusty old Charlie Watts has decided to pull a Quincy Jones and say outrageous stuff that cannot be backed up, and then pretends the existence of his half-century old band doesn't mean anything anymore:

The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has said that it wouldn’t “bother” him if the band broke up, also revealing that he doesn’t think David Bowie was a “musical genius”.

This week has seen The Rolling Stones announce details of a huge tour of UK and Ireland for this summer, including dates in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Their first UK tour in five years, the band have also been criticised for the prices of tickets for the No Filter tour.

Following the news, Watts spoke to The Guardian when he seemed to suggest that he wouldn’t mind if his band called it a day.

“I love playing the drums and I love playing with Mick and Keith and Ronnie, I don’t know about the rest of it,” Watts said. “It wouldn’t bother me if the Rolling Stones said that’s it… enough.”

He continued: “I would hate it to dissolve not amicably. I would like Mick to say, or me or Keith or whoever… I don’t want to do it any more, for whatever reason, and we just say that’s it. I wouldn’t want it to be an argument or whatever.”

It's as if someone much, much younger gave Watts some advice on getting his name in the NME for some sort promotional purposes, and it fell flat because Bowie is dead.

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