Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Masterplan

I have always thought of The Masterplan as the fourth Oasis album, and I have never regarded it as a throw-away record or a mere compilation. The inclusion of "The Swamp Song" and "I Am the Walrus" notwithstanding, the whole thing should have been their followup to Be Here Now and it should have been promoted and marketed as a standalone record. Of all the Britpop era bands, no one had better B-sides than Oasis.

I would love to see it come out in a deluxe edition, one that gathers up all of the B-sides from the first half-decade of Oasis in the studio. Seven or eight CDs of that stuff would be fantastic.

Another rant for the future - where is my triple disc Oasis Live at the BBC? Why doesn't this exist yet?

Released at the end of the whole Creation Records era, The Masterplan is as strong as the first two Oasis albums and holds its own among all the rest. You can hear the chaos of the thing right away, and it's a brilliant, glorious mess. The songs are incredibly strong and this is what makes it an absolute classic for me. I can't understand why these were considered  this record was consigned to the B-side of anything.

First of all, the song itself is the reason why I think you can make this argument. "The Masterplan" is the one that got away. It should have led off Be Here Now but it didn't. It should have been its own thing, but it wasn't. This is an example of someone tossing away their best work without a care in the world.

Then we have "Acquiesce" and "Half the World Away." They should have been singles in their own right. What a waste.

These three songs are enough structure around which you can build a whole album. Why they left "It's Better People" off this is an enduring mystery that I'm the only one who cares about, but still. I'd love to see this expanded and elevated to album status. It sold three million copies worldwide, for crying out loud. If it sold that right now, we'd regard it as a proper masterpiece.

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