Saturday, December 16, 2017

This is What Happened to the Music

This is what the music "aisle" at Target looks like now. 

It's like watching your old home town die. Yes, that's a fucking Foreigner album in the middle. Jesus, what the hell went wrong with the world?

That's a greatest hits album by the B-52s on the top of the rack. It came out in 1998. How much do you want to bet that copy has been there for 19 years?

I know that the kids are going to look at me like I'm weird, but, at one time, you could actually go into a Target store and buy music. I once bought a Portishead album at Target. Hell, you could go into a Best Buy or a Circuit City and buy CDs for ten bucks. Their selection ran into multiple aisles, and they would have these big racks full of CDs. If you wanted to find obscure stuff, you could find it there. If you wanted to pick up an album by a big name artist, you could do it at Target for a bit of a discount.

This was before everyone lost their minds in the early 2000s and started thinking that their new album should cost 19 dollars. This was before the Internet gave you everything for free as long as you were willing to pay for a computer, an ISP, and the CDs on which to burn the music you were stealing.

Anyway, back to being disillusioned.

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