Monday, July 17, 2017

The Queen is Dead

This is long overdue:

The Smiths have announced a ‘Super Deluxe Edition’ of their iconic album ‘The Queen Is Dead’.

The iconic Manchester band teased the release last month, after the official Smiths Facebook page posted an archive image of a coffin being carried, along with the caption: “#TQID 16.06.17″

As Stereogum points out via Morrissey fan-forum Morrissey-Solo, the re-issue was available to pre-order via Amazon’s UK store, but has since been taken down. Available as both a two CD box set and a CD/DVD set, the first disc of the release features a fully-restored version of ‘The Queen Is Dead’, while the second features a number of b-sides and rarities.

The full tracklisting for ‘The Queen Is Dead’ Super Deluxe Edition is as follows:

Disc 1
01 “The Queen Is Dead” (2017 Master)
02 “Frankly, Mr. Shankly” (2017 Master)
03 “I Know It’s Over” (2017 Master)
04 “Never Had No One Ever” (2017 Master)
05 “Cemetery Gates” (2017 Master)
06 “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (2017 Master)
07 “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” (2017 Master)
08 “Vicar In a Tutu” (2017 Master)
09 “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (2017 Master)
10 “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” (2017 Master)

Disc 2
01 “The Queen Is Dead” (Full Version)
02 “Frankly, Mr. Shankly” (Demo)
03 “I Know It’s Over” (Demo)
04 “Never Had No One Ever” (Demo)
05 “Cemetery Gates” (Demo)
06 “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (Demo)
07 “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” (Demo)
08 “The Boy With the Thorn In His Side” (Demo Mix)
09 “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (Take 1)
10 “Rubber Ring” (Single B-Side) [2017 Master]
11 “Asleep” (Single B-Side) [2017 Remaster]
12 “Money Changes Everything” (Single B-Side) [2017 Master]
13 “Unloveable” (Single B-Side) [2017 Master]

Okay, I'll take it, but I do have numerous complaints to air because that is my role in all of this.

Two discs is not exactly a "super deluxe reissue" or a really special edition. At a minimum, you release this on vinyl and you include something along the lines of a special book or something to tell the story of the album. A reissue of the poster that featured all four band members in front of Salford Lads Club--that would be fantastic.

I think they should have included at least one live album's worth of material from that era. I know that we have "Rank" out there, and it's a great album, but I think what we need is a different show recorded during the tour for this album. But that would hinge upon whether any of those shows were recorded in a salvageable way--you never know. There are tons of bootlegs out there, and I'm sure there's something worthwhile, so I would have boosted this to at least three CDs. A fourth CD of rarities, perhaps? BBC Sessions, and the like? That's where I would have gone. Something for the obsessives.

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