Monday, June 19, 2017

Weather Diaries is Out Now

Ride are doing an amazing job of promoting their new album Weather Diaries. As I work my way through the album, I should have a proper review up in no time. 

But, look at what they're doing. The release of the album was coordinated on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The band are working their asses off to get the word out. This is how you have to do things now--there's no label to do it for you. Ride have partnered with the small label that released their new music, and that's how things are done now.

Good for them. I hope it gives them a good bump and gets them through the tour that they're going on to promote the album the right way. Here's to another Ride album before the decade is out.

Why didn't someone package them on a world tour with Slowdive? Still can't figure that one out.

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