Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer Still a Bitch

Poor Dave Abruzzese just can't find anything positive to say about anyone or anything anymore:

Well, shit. I responded to a statement someone made online and of course a shit stirring online 'news source' decided to make it their business to print my words. So, in an effort to own them, I am going to share them. 

Hello, David Abbruzzese here….

Not true, the band and the hall did not invite or contact me.. The band tweeted that they welcomed the idea of the event granting the possibility of all the drummers to be in the same room. That isnt an invite.

I personally have deep respect for all drummers and of course the five that participated in the pearl jam bands carreer… I am going to say this; For the band to put me in the same light as Matt Chamberlain & Dave K really was a slap in the face. Nothing to do with those guys as people or players. Respect… but as a contributor? A band member? A definitive contributor to the energy and power of where the band went? …the sacrifices, the work, the physical and emotional contributions…not to mention the personal weight of carrying onthrough and after unceremonious and disrespectful way I was fired. I gave this band all I had to give every single moment I was in it. I never played for a paycheck. I never let the band down. I never let the music down. I never let the fans down… not once. I suppose that is why I am still such a point of contention. Truth be told, if I would have been inducted, I would have requested my tech, Jimmy Shoaf Jr. and my daughter, Francesca to say a few words on my behalf. IF THEY HAD invited me to be there to witness the bands induction? Nope. To do that would justify the mistake and disrespect the core fans that took this band to heart back when all we were to become, we had to earn and also, most importantly, we had to prove we deserved every single time we took the stage. And we did that. We, the Pearl Jam band & original crew, deserved to be inducted & respected. I’m proud of my old friends for managing it all so well. I dont know if I heard anyone say it, but you’re welcome and thank you, too.

Okay. There, I said it. I own it. I have to clarify that I mean no disrespect at all to pearl jam, it's management or anyone who has ever been or currently is a member of the organization.

"I mean no disrespect" because, some day, you might want to have me around for something, and I don't want to lose out on a chance to, you know, be your pal.

Here's an idea--show your loved ones you're in a better place by not caring about how it was handled and that you can move on and deal with what went on in 1994. Show your kid that something that happened when Bill Clinton was still in his first term has not derailed your life or means anything to you in the present. Be thankful they said, come on out, we'll give you your props. I would be willing to bet that, just like every other band that ever threw out a drummer, they didn't even bother getting worked up about the issue.

What a bitch. The guys from Blondie had a bigger beef than this guy, and they handled it much better. When the Talking Heads were inducted, you just knew David Byrne was dying to get off that stage and get five hundred miles away from everyone, and he handled it better. When they put the so-and-sos in there, and when that one guy who got kicked out for pissing himself onstage was excluded, even he handled it better, even though no one can remember him or his band or why they were being included in anything.

This is why we shouldn't have a "hall of fame" for the institution known as rock and roll. There's no clear or sane path to including people involved in an artistic endeavor when, in the course of making that art, people are jettisoned along the way or die. You can't please everyone, and you certainly are never going to please Mr. Abbruzzese, so why even try?

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