Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weather Diaries

Ride have named their new album and they're getting read to give this a go:

Ride have announced details of their long-awaited new album ‘Weather Diaries’.

The four-piece, considered to be pioneers of shoegaze, last released a full-length record, ‘Tarantula’, back in March 1996. The band broke up later that year.

Having already shared two new songs from the LP, ‘Charm Assault’ and ‘Home Is A Feeling’, the band have now confirmed details of the new record, which will be released on June 16 via Wichita Recordings. See the album’s artwork beneath.

A new Ride album scares me.

The last new album from Ride arrived when I was in the thick of a Minnesota winter. I was in a dead-end job, I was commuting a great distance to that same job, I was holding down a second job, and nothing was going right. I felt pretty isolated and alone. And then Tarantula arrives, and the sticker on it said, and I'm paraphrasing, "The Ride Ends Here."

Now, I'm a fan of all four Ride albums because they're unique and they're very much of that time. The upheaval that arrived after Tarantula saw me spending most of 1996 trying to figure out what to do next. Goodbye job, goodbye Twin Cities, hello new job, hello Rochester, goodbye Rochester in the blink of an eye, hello United States Army. What a whirlwind--just like a new Ride album.

Those four albums sustain me to this day. I have worked by way through them--and through every single B-side, every BBC session track, and every live track I can get my hands on--so this is innately special to me. I'm not worried about whether or not I'm going to like this album. I'm worried all kinds of crazy shit is going to happen (and, of course, that's all because of Steve).

Anyway, out with the album, and on with the tour. I hope they find a way to make this the first of many "comeback" albums.



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