Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jello Biafra Personifies Integrity

East Bay Ray can't help himself. There's money to be wrung out of the old, dry teat but Jello says no way, Jose:

Dead Kennedys have turned down an opportunity to reunite, after Riot Fest asked the band to get back together.

The band initially broke up in 1986. The band’s former members sued Jello Biafra over unpaid royalties.

A judge ruled in their favor, ordering Biafra to pay $200,00 in outstanding royalties and damages. He was also forced to hand over the rights to a majority of Dead Kennedys’ back catalogue.

According to Dead Kennedys co-founder East Bay Ray, Riot Fest sought to reunite the band. The guitarist claims he was interested in doing the show, but original frontman Jello Biafra turned down the offer.

That's what integrity looks like. Isn't it shocking? Nobody has it anymore. And while I have no problem with people who want to work in music and make a good living, it's pretty clear to me that Jello has his own thing going on and riding the nostalgia wave isn't in the cards anymore. Spend five minutes on Jello's facebook page and even an NME journalist could figure this out. We all need to be leaning forward because we're faced with an unprecedented onslaught of fascism and insanity.

Wanna know how to survive it? Maintain your integrity at all costs.



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