Saturday, February 4, 2017

Coachella is the Worst Music Festival on the Planet

Douchebaggery abounds at Coachella:

We were all shocked—*shook—by Beyoncé’s well-timed prenatal news. But perhaps no one was more shocked by the pop star’s big announcement than the top executives behind Coachella. According to TMZ, Goldenvoice—the AEG Live subsidiary that produces the annual music festival—had no idea that their April headliner was knocked up. Goldenvoice bigwigs allegedly heard about the insemination the same way we did—via the most-liked Instagram of all time. Given the fact that Beyoncé is a 35-year-old woman who’s pregnant with twins, fans are already starting to question if she’ll honor her commitment to perform at the upcoming event. According to one TMZ source, Goldenvoice tried to reach out to Bey’s representatives on Thursday, but didn’t hear back. That being said, a separate source claimed that Beyoncé “still plans to perform, assuming her pregnancy goes well.”
One man’s advent of the double messiah is another man’s Coachella catastrophe. While the festival likely would have sold out sans Bey, members of the Beyhive weren’t pleased to hear that their $399 three-day passes may not buy them a night with the fertile phenomenon. You try telling a Beyoncé stan to stand around in the desert and listen to Radiohead.

Since it's one of the few festivals available in the "off season" for the European festivals, bands come and play Coachella and receive underwhelming appreciation. It's an awful festival for awful people. If you have to play, fine--I understand the business. But there should be other options out there. America has plenty of good festivals. Not great ones, but good enough to justify the trip. 

Given that bands break up or cancel tours all the time, I don't know why you'd go into a situation like Coachella and expect perfection in the lineup. These things happen, and if people can't handle it, they need to grow up.

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