Monday, January 9, 2017

The Tour of the Summer

Audiences around the world are going to get a chance to hear U2's The Joshua Tree in full this summer, and they're taking Noel Gallagher out with them. I don't know if I'd want to follow Don't Look Back in Anger with anything less than a killer group of songs, so this tour should work nicely. The audience that hears these shows is going to be exposed to something new and old; I can't imagine U2 would avoid playing a handful of newer songs from the last five or ten years. Oh, and anything from All That You Can't Leave Behind would work alongside the Joshua Tree set; both are of the same mind.

The American dates are lined up in major football stadiums, so I don't know what the sound is going to be like. It will be massive nonetheless. Predictably, Liam is not pleased. Next summer would have been a great time for an Oasis tour, but Noel's got other plans.

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