Monday, January 23, 2017


The reunion bug has been caught by Elastica:

Elastica could be set to reform after the band were recently pictured at Abbey Road Studios.

The studio’s mastering engineer Sean Magee also tweeted that he had “cut a record for Elastica,” adding that the group “hadn’t seen each other for 20yrs. It’s great to be there when moments like that happen.”

A number of pictures from the studio have also emerged with the Britpop band without singer Justinne Frischmann.

I've seen some chatter about how Justine is back with the band, but I don't know if this will amount to a full-on reunion with a new album and all of that. It would be great, and while I wish drummer Justin Welch was able to continue with Lush (which, sadly, ended prematurely), I do think this would be a great thing for music.

All that's left are a Sleeper reunion and for someone in Geneva to answer their phone.

UPDATE: Justine is not interested. Fair enough.



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