Monday, December 12, 2016

Oasis Be Here Now Alternate Cover

Be Here Now has been reissued, and I'll figure out how to get a copy of that in due time. 

This is what could have been an alternate cover, which I regard as a greatly flawed masterpiece that could have been fixed if someone would just do two things:

1. Remove all of the ecstatic choruses that were added when everyone was on cocaine

2. Shorten the songs by at least a minute each

3. Include the cover versions of songs recorded during the sessions and dump the filler tracks

None of that's ever going to happen, but oh well. As reissues go, this is a chance to hear the Mustique demos, which should have been their own album, of course. Why tack them on here? The demos would make a tremendous album on their own.

Here's the best way to look at mid-period Oasis. Separate the first two albums and their B-sides from everything else. They comprise the best one-two punch in the history of music. Nobody has a better first and second album than Oasis.

View The Masterplan as the real "third" album and Be Here Now as a compilation of B-sides. If you flip them around, you can see The Masterplan as a solid third album of great songs. Mash them together if you want. The song The Masterplan alone is the greatest B-side in all of music history. Noel's ridiculous, obstinate temper at that time made The Masterplan a B-side when it should have been a single. It should have been the first track from Be Here Now, backed with Acquiesce, Stand by Me, and Half the World Away.

Alas, who would ever listen to a blogger?

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