Monday, August 8, 2016


A new album? Really?

The return of Slowdive was easily 2014’s best reunion. Now, following their comeback tour, the English shoegaze outfit are on the verge of releasing a new album — their first in over two decades.

In a recent interview with Danish publication Undertoner (via Reddit), drummer Simon Scott revealed that Slowdive have completed recording sessions for the new album, their fourth overall and the very long-waited follow-up to 1995’s Pygmalion. “We’re finished recording the album and it will be mixed this summer, but we do not know when it is released.”

Scott continued, describing how the band has incorporated more manipulated field recordings into its latest material: “It’s Neil, who is the primary songwriter, but what has changed since the ’90s, is that he asked me to manipulate some of the sounds we have recorded. It’s not that the album is going to sound electronically. We’ve played together for two years after the restoration, and Neil wanted to capture how well a live band, we are, in the studio. So in that way it’s a live record.”

There were a whole slew of Mojave 3 albums in the 90's and 2000's, and those could properly have been considered part of the story of Slowdive. Halstead's solo albums are incredible, so here's to the idea that the next Slowdive album will be a continuation of this incredibly beautiful journey we've been on for so long.


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