Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Peter Hook Writes Another Book

The only reason why Hooky writes these books is to drive Barney crazy:

Peter Hook is set to release a new book documenting his time with New Order.

The veteran bassist previously documented the rise and fall of ‘Madchester’ in his books The Ha├žienda and Joy Division’s short career in Unknown Pleasures.

On October 6 he will release his third book Substance: Inside New Order, which documents the rise of the band and his eventual split with the Manchester group in 2007. 

"We didn’t really think about it afterwards, it just sort of happened. One day we were Joy Division and the next time we got together, we were a new band," he said on the formation of New Order. 

The band have since carried on without Hook as Bad Lieutenant but returned as New Order in 2011. Hook has since gone on to form Peter Hook And The Light.

I've never been happy with Hooky's comments about how Gillian never contributed anything to the band, but, then again, I don't matter.

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