Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Top Twenty Best Selling Albums in the UK

How many of these albums do you have?

I have seven of these - both of the Beatles' albums, Bob Marley, Oasis, Verve, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd. I do not own any of the others.

Two things shock me about this list. One, Shania Twain has a huge following in Britain and, two, the Simply Red album Stars was much more massive there than anywhere else. In America, it sold just north of 500,000 copies and this was from an album that didn't have a worldwide smash hit single. But, hey, lots of people bought it, so what do I know?

The Verve slip to number 18. If there is a massive re-release of Urban Hymns next year and a Verve reunion to push sales, it could climb back up there. I'm not especially counting on it, but the re-release of their first two albums this summer indicates to me that there is something special being planned. What that is, I do not know.

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