Thursday, July 14, 2016

Azealia Banks is One of the Saddest People in Music

She's no mere troll--she's full on delusional:

Azealia Banks appears to have accused both Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga of plagiarism.

The rapper recently courted controversial after aiming racial and homophobic slurs towards Zayn Malik. She later apologised but not before being dropped from a UK festival booking.

Writing on Facebook, Banks has now alleged that Swift co-opted a nickname she invented for her 'Bad Blood' video and that Gaga took influence from her for the title of her 'Artpop' album.

In one Facebook post, Banks writes, "FUN FACT: "SLAY-Z" is a nickname given to Azealia Banks by one of her fans in 2014. a play on the Z in Banks' name, and her propensity to release consistently awesome music, the nickname was lifted from her twitter account and featured as one of the characters in Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video. Azealia Banks reclaimed the nickname upon the arrival of of her self-released 2016 mixtape titled 'SLAY-Z'."

In a genre with virtually no originality whatsoever, accusing others of plagiarism is like calling out the water for being wet. This is about as much attention as Banks deserves.

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