Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Stone Roses Beautiful Thing

Sexy, slinky, sly--those are all words that describe the new song by the Stone Roses, called Beautiful Thing. It features a chugging beat, a lyric that is more sophisticated than their All For One single, and virtuoso guitar parts that'll confound the kids because they're not used to hearing that sort of thing anymore. Good God, the drums are astounding. Imagine the last twenty years with five or six full length Stone Roses albums on top the their first two and you'll feel the loss that I do. Where have they been, why couldn't they keep making music, and why is this so good?

This is the complex, deeply introspective flip side to All For One that shows that the time the Roses have spent in the studio has been marked by the kinds of stretching out and improvising we will likely find on other tracks, should they surface, in the months ahead. Get ready for a hot mess of an album--a sprawling assertion of different styles and textures that will blow minds and leave people shrugging. 

Beautiful Thing is going to drive people crazy because no one is making music like this anymore. No one is jamming and improvising at this level and no one can program a drum machine to sound like Reni. There's a fuck you groove to this that will bring back memories of the days when the Roses would drop a single and dare you to listen.

It is safe to say that whatever new music comes from this version of the Stone Roses is going to feature them as they are now and not as some retrofitted nostalgia act. It will be the continuation of the band following Ian Brown's extensive solo career, John's recordings on his own, Reni's ideas, and Mani's impressive time spent holding onto the bottom of the sound of Primal Scream. 

Another great song, another chance for people to scratch their heads and bitch, another glorious moment in the summer of '16.

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