Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Your iTunes Library is Disappearing

This does not affect me. I have never bought into the whole iTunes thing as a delivery method for music. What few times I have used it seemed like hell enough as it is. I am glad I was not an early adopter of this technology and I am glad to see it all crumble into dust:

Whether or not Apple wakes up one day and decides to tear down its iTunes music download store is not the most important thing.  Because they are already starting to get rid of it.  This phase-out is already happening and Apple is definitely assisting this process.  They are definitely not growing their download store and they are doing what it takes to make this die a natural death.

You can say there are some things they are doing to fuel their download store with exclusives, etc., but overall I think the net initiative is to let this go away.  I would even point to Chance the Rapper as an example of this.

As a user you can see this in motion.  You can see that I’m not making this up.  If you’ve ever purchased any substantial amount of iTunes downloads from the last year or so, and I mean from July [2015] onward, you’ve noticed that these downloads are gradually getting sucked into the Apple Music product.  What I mean by that is that there are all sorts of confusing connections back to Apple Music even if you don’t want to have anything to do with Apple Music at all.   But even worse, your downloads that you either paid for, downloaded, or ripped, have been totally mangled and often replaced by Apple’s official version of that track, whether that exists on Apple Music, or whatever.

The net net of all of this is that your iTunes download collection has been totally corrupted by Apple and this process will continue as long as Apple realizes that the future is streaming.  Apple is building on the future of streaming and they are not investing or preserving your download account just because you like it.

It would seem to me that the record labels want you to buy all of your music all over again for what seems like the seventh time. What a revenue enhancer! What a way to make the stock price jump! Coming soon to a corner near you--a revamped version of the old Tower Records store, stocked with shit-sounding vinyl and coupons for Spotify.

Hardcore iTunes users have curated these huge libraries full of music that they have paid for. Endless numbers of iTunes gift cards have gone into countless graduation cards. All of that is evaporating into nothingness. The kid who stole all those Metallica albums in the fall of 1999 is now looking at his music catalog and wondering why he sold all of his CDs when there was still a record store on the other side of town.

Never underestimate the ability of a large corporation and their efforts to get you to pay for something that you already bought three times.

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