Monday, May 9, 2016


Unlucky drama for the Stone Roses:

The Stone Roses have reportedly cancelled two gigs in Japan after the band's drummer Reni fell and fractured two ribs.

The Manchester band, who confirmed to NME in March that they are recording new material, were scheduled to play a pair of shows at the Nippon Budokan arena in Tokyo next month (June 2-3).

However, Creative Man - the promoters behind the gigs - has now posted news of the gig cancellations on their website. 

A statement reads: "The Stone Roses are very sorry to have to cancel their two proposed concerts at the Budokan. Reni has had an accidental fall and fractured two ribs, his doctor has told him to rest for at least a month. Unfortunately this means that the band are unable to fulfil their planned performances in Japan."

The gigs are also no longer listed on Stone Roses' official website.

If you remember, a broken collar bone stymied the band back in the day when John Squire took a header on a mountain bike. Is this the unluckiest band ever?

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