Monday, May 23, 2016

Jessie Hughes

Don't get mad or upset at Jessie Hughes because he says bizarre things and wants to vote for Donald Trump:

A survivor from last year's Bataclan terror attack has criticised recent comments from Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes.

Hughes' band headlined the gig where the attacks took place in Paris in November last year. During the gig at the Bataclan theatre, 89 people - including venue staff, band personnel and fans - were shot and killed by terrorist gunmen.

Hughes has since made several controversial comments in subsequent interviews. In one interview, he blamed France's strict gun laws for allowing the shooters to go unchallenged, and then later accused some of the security guards at the famous French music venue of being in cahoots with terrorist groups.

Earlier this month, Hughes spoke to Taki Magazine in which he repeated his criticism and claimed that people were too afraid too speak out about terrorism in fear of seeming racist.

In response, Tony Scott - who attended the Bataclan gig - has written a piece for Louder Than War.

"Like Trump, Hughes words are divisive and he’s using the media to garner publicity for his outspoken views," Scott writes. "It’s hard to see who his views are directed at given the channels he’s using for his outbursts. The latest is an American self proclaimed right wing magazine. Perhaps he believes he is supporting Trumps campaign by doing so? Whatever his intentions, political or otherwise his comments are upsetting the online community that came together to show support to him and each other."

Here's the thing you need to know about Hughes--he's an asshole. That's all.

You can enjoy his music, but you don't have to like him personally.

You can enjoy his music and still laugh at the stupid shit he says.

You can enjoy his music and safely ignore his public pronouncements because he has a history of saying inflammatory things and using drugs.

You can enjoy his music and consider his situation a little. Did I mention his history of using drugs? Not to wink at you, but wouldn't that explain a whole hell of a lot right now? I mean, I hope he's not using drugs, but if he is, how could you blame him after what he saw at the venue that night? Some people break. And when they break in public, often, it is not pretty.

You can enjoy his music. You can also safely assume he has no idea what he's talking about. Really, it's not that hard.

I fully support the French venues that turned him away. They chose not to enjoy his music and that's their right.

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