Saturday, May 28, 2016

Does Anyone in America Know Anything About Kasabian?

Some time ago, I wrote about how the English band Kasabian went from playing to hundreds of thousands of people at Glastonbury to playing to hundreds of people at the 9:30 club in Washington D.C.  They are criminally overlooked in this country, and greatly appreciated in their home town. 

America's indifference to one of the biggest bands in the world continues unabated:

It’s Monday May 16, a couple of hours before Kasabian play a surprise set at Leicester City’s Premier League victory parade, and frontman Tom Meighan is on the phone trying to sort out his stage outfit. His first choice was an unofficial T-shirt emblazoned with star striker Jamie Vardy’s infamous motto, but the club have just stepped in and nixed it. Somebody’s obviously decided that ‘Chat S**t, Get Banged’ is a bit aggro for a family-friendly party.

The thing is, there aren’t any adults around. A whole city’s childhood dreams have come true and the air is full of pure, unadulterated chaos. Nobody expected to be here. Leicester City started the season as 5,000-1 outsiders to win the title. To put that in context, around the same time the odds of LMFAO headlining Glastonbury this year were only 100-1. Leicester were a club that had never won England’s top flight in the entirety of their 132-year history, so even the most passionate of fans – a category that includes both Meighan and guitarist Serge Pizzorno – would never have dared to dream this day would come.

I know they've toured the states and done well, but it's not like they're packing stadiums. And that's a shame--this is a stadium band with all the makings of a fantastic show every time they appear. When people say, "where are all the great rock and roll bands," remember--not everyone gets the attention that equals their ability to put on a show, sell records, or influence people. Kasabian certainly deserve a bigger following.

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