Friday, April 22, 2016

The Last Photo of Prince?

If you follow this link, there's commentary that suggests that Prince was riding his bike in the area when this photo was taken before his untimely death yesterday. I used to work in that area (many, many years ago) and it was bike-unfriendly territory. I have no idea what Chanhassen is like now, of course. I don't think I've set foot in the place since 1996 - twenty years? Wow.

Unlike most Minnesota natives, I have no Prince stories. I have nothing to relate to you other than the fact that I really had no interest in him or his music. And what's worse is that I'm a child of the 1980s. There was no one bigger than Prince. I don't buy the idea that Michael Jackson was in the same orbit. Clearly, he wasn't because Prince left an artistic legacy that eclipses that of virtually everyone else. No one would put Bowie in his league unless they wanted Bowie to feel bad about the comparison.

I suppose you can put Bob Dylan there with him, but they were in different versions of show business. You'll read endless testimonies from people moved by what he did or influenced by it and enthralled by it but I don't have any connection to his legacy. The "greats" never moved me and I preferred the eclectic and obscure. Yesterday, I had exactly the same reaction when David Bowie died--none of his stuff really interested me, either. If we lose Paul Westerberg, Robyn Hitchcock, Pat Fish, Julian Cope, Ian McCulloch, Richard Ashcroft, Steve Kilbey, or Noel Gallagher this year, fuck it all.

If you want proof there's something really, really wrong with me, 2016's sad march of death proves it. None of that stuff had any bearing on my life. I guess I move in some sad circles.

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