Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Adventures of a Band

Shirley Manson:

It's so difficult now for bands to operate, and we're in a spectacularly lucky position that so many bands don't find themselves in. To survive as a band economically in the climate right now is almost impossible. For a brand-new band with that brand-new start-up engine behind them, they can get heard and they can enjoy a real wave of success. But to endure, to continue as a band, once you've gone past the gate of being a brand-new thing, is so difficult, economically speaking, to say nothing of holding people's attention. The bands that endure are becoming fewer and fewer. We see a culture in which all solo artists or pop artists are getting supported by the systems; all these bands, they come up on a wave and they bob around on the surface for a little, and then they get drowned. It's sad. I've always loved bands. It's always been a sound I've been excited by. And it's getting harder and harder to watch the adventures of a band over a course of time.

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