Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's Working

It really does seem to be possible for bands to come back and have some success. Lush are getting it done live and they're going at their own pace:

Lush have reconvened for their first material in two decades, after the 1996 suicide of drummer Chris Acland effectively ended the band's output. They're playing their first reunion shows this month – including a spot at Coachella – and have just released a richly textured EP, Blind Spot. Coinciding with a new vinyl box set plus a repressing of a previous box set, Blind Spot continues the band's talent for combining surreal, effects-warped guitar-pop with sharp-tongued lyrics.

Having recruited Elastica drummer Justin Welch, Lush's remaining members – singer-guitarists Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson, and bassist Phil King – are easing back into being a band. That means juggling rehearsals and songwriting with parenting and careers. Anderson wrote the EP's four new songs while Berenyi penned the lyrics, meditating on raising a teenager ("Out of Control", the bullying-inspired "Rosebud"), the disorientation of young love ("Burnham Beeches") and a recent dream she had about their former drummer ("Lost Boy").

"It was tricky. I came up with a lot of first drafts that were... not very good," says Berenyi. "But eventually I started feeling better about it. It was like getting the old machinery cranked up."

Every time this happens, it plants a seed for other bands. Slowdive's return helped inspire Lush to make it happen--and it's happening with Ride as well. This is not a bad time to be looking back at the 1990s, I guess.

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