Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Complicated Game

A must-read book on XTC? Sign me up:

“The really annoying thing is, the second I die off, people are going to go, ‘Hey, do you know, they were quite good!’ ” That’s Andy Partridge, the principal singer and songwriter of the late, great, quintessentially British pop band XTC, sounding off in his comprehensive new book Complicated Game: Inside the Songs of XTC. A must for fans, this collection of interviews surveys the inspiration behind and the recording of 30 songs across the band’s catalog, ranging from the buzz-punk of 1978’s “This Is Pop” to the symphonic pastorals of later songs like 1999’s “River of Orchids.”

You can spend hours reading snippets from the Internet or you can digest the whole thing. XTC are an endlessly fascinating band and even their clunkers were better than anything they're making right now.

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