Thursday, December 17, 2015

Violent Femmes Have a New Album on the Way

How many times does someone tell you that they're going to skip the bullshit?

It's been 32 years since Milwaukee alt-rock legends Violent Femmes burst into Australian consciousness with their lauded self-titled debut album — a sleeper hit that contained a slew of angst-ridden songs likeBlister In The Sun, Kiss Off and Add It Up that quickly became embedded in our national psyche. Now, following a lengthy hiatus due to perennial internal disputes, they're back to tour the country with Hoodoo Gurus, Sunnyboys, Died Pretty and Ratcat for the A Day On The Green franchise.

What's really exciting about these impending shows is that earlier this year they released the Happy New Year EP for Record Store Day — their first substantial collection of new music since 2000's Freak Magnet— meaning that we're going to hear new tunes from them live for the first time in aeons.

I wish I could skip the bullshit and stop being a blogger, but then what would I do? I know, I know. I would instantly have to fuck off and die, but what good would that do me?

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