Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Beat Farmers

A sad anniversary:

Suddenly on a Wednesday night, November 8th, 1995, while playing drums in Whistler, Brittish Columbia (about one hour out of Vancouver- a BFer strong hold!) the unthinkable happened. Country Dick was struck down by a heart attack during the third song of their show.

The indestructible, fun loving, deep voiced, friendly, extremely humorous giant was gone. There are no words that can describe how any BFer fan felt. Dan McLain AKA Country Dick Montana was a talent that can never be equaled. Sure he wasn't well known but anyone who ever saw a BFer live show could tell you that Dick was at his best- on stage. His presence will never be replaced and I know that the remaining BFers did not want to replace him. Whatever shape the BFers took, it was never be the same without Country Dick Montana. As of 11/11/95, the BFers were no more.

Twenty years! Good Lord.

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