Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No, You Can't Go Around in Blackface Anymore

Damn, son. How stupid are you?

Country music star Jason Aldean has caused controversy after allegedly wearing blackface for a Halloween costume.

The Nashville Gab recently published an image which it claims shows Aldean, his wife and friends posing in their Halloween outfits. Aldean appears to be seen wearing black facepaint and a wig of black dreadlocks.

Following criticism and accusations of racism, the singer's publicist confirmed to the Associated Press that Aldean "dressed as rapper Lil Wayne for Halloween" but provided no further explanation or apology.

If you're surrounded by people who refuse to tell you how things really work, you're going to do something stupid. It doesn't matter if you're in country music or Norwegian death metal--you need someone who can be relied upon to make informed commentary on the stupid ideas that surface.

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