Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's Time For a Verve Reunion, Man

Richard Ashcroft played Mexico City and everyone lost their shit:

Nobody from the UK could have predicted how passionate the locals here would be about Ashcroft. There's long been a rock 'n' roll crossover between British and US bands and the Mexican people – from Elvis in the '50s to Morrissey in the '80s, Oasis in the '90s and Arctic Monkeys more recently - and in 2015 Ashcroft is getting his fair share of the action too. His crowd on the Saturday evening was easily as big as Spoon or Primal Scream's, both acts who've visited here regularly over the years, and people aren't just casually into it either: fans have come armed with massive banners ("Music Is Power" stretches across about 20 people close to the front), not to mention their own emotions. When, halfway through the gig, Ashcroft plays 'The Drugs Don't Work', the outpouring from the crowd is electrifying. One person on the big screen buries their head in their hands before screaming every lyric back at the stage. A tender song always, the heightened collective outpouring here makes it feel incredible.

McCabe and company are up for a reunion, so why not? 

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