Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sign Morrissey to a Label, Please

In terms of no-brainer business decisions when it comes to music, why wouldn't you sign Morrissey?

Morrissey has lamented the lack of label interest at his recent New York show.

The former Smiths frontman performed at the city's Madison Square Garden venue on Saturday (June 27), describing the gig as "fantastic" to fansite True To You.

Despite his enjoyment of the concert however, the singer did also acknowledge that there was "zero label interest", suggesting that no record labels attended the gig. Moz added that it was "a sad sign of the times".

How many artists have a built-in, near-permanent audience for their music? Even if you stood Morrissey up once every few years for a short tour, you could get a dozen singles and three albums out of this guy in a couple of years, no problem. Morrissey is sitting on music he can't put out because the labels that have signed him have been wary of how to market what it is he does.

I'll fix this for you--it's time for a Morrissey album entirely in Spanish. Making that happen would cement his hold on a Latin audience that goes crazy for his stuff. 

You're telling me that this guy can't sell 25,000 downloads of something in a few short weeks? Come on. This has to be a case where labels won't sign him because they know they can't take advantage of him and not pay royalties. This has to be about the margins--you gotta pay this guy what he's worth and nobody wants to do that.

Here's a viable professional with a proven track record of keeping his core audience. He doesn't hit the pop charts because the pop charts don't know how to handle him. If you marketed him and promoted him properly, people would show up and buy what he's selling. He's fucking Morrissey--this is what he does. And people go nuts for it and love it and hold on to his stuff forever.

The music business still makes no sense, no matter what.

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