Friday, July 10, 2015

Blame the Poor

Portland is weird, but it’s kind of a crappy weird. It is the most vagrant-ridden… it’s really fuckin’ up my liberal mind. I’m just like, what a collection of human turds. Within the one week before I came on this tour, I had to run people out of my house. Twice with axes. Two people died. This is within 300 feet of my house. It’s just a constant shitshow of fights.

And that’s just Portland keeping itself weird. That’s the saying: Keep Portland weird… It’s a cool city. But a lot of the keeping itself weird is actually just allowing people to be complete pieces of shit. And that’s exhausting.

What's the good kind of weird? Panhandlers who have night jobs? If you're going to go overseas and badmouth the town in which you live, at least have the decency to kick up and not down.

Blaming people who are poor for everything is the classic rich man's ploy to make everyone hate welfare, hate the government, and hate any kind of social justice. This enriches the already wealthy because no one ever comes to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, we have a serious problem with income inequality everywhere.

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