Monday, June 1, 2015

Oasis Will Support Blur

How serious was the old rivalry between Blur and Oasis?

Liam's come out and said "Lonesome Street" [from Blur's new album] is his favourite song of the year, god bless him. And Damon and Noel are quite good friends now. So, I think, let's focus on the positives. It's lovely that it's got a happy ending. I hope they get back together. They can support us.

The really nasty thing that Alex James had to say was this, however:

Might you end up like the Stones?

I wouldn't want it to get grotesque. But it's such a precious thing we have, this ability to make music together, that's been there since our very first rehearsal. We wrote our first single, "She's So High", in that rehearsal. It's a highly honed relationship. You don't really get bands now. It's all solo artists with session musicians.

You can't argue with the truth.

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