Monday, June 8, 2015

Broken Up For Good

The Replacements have broken up for good:

It appears The Replacements’ three-year reunion has come to an end. Frontman Paul Westerberg announced during band’s set at Optimus Primavera Sound today that it would be their final time together on stage.

Westerberg told the audience that the band stayed at their hotel instead of attending soundcheck. “Lazy bastards to the end,” he reportedly declared before smashing his guitar on stage.

If Pauls' heart wasn't in it anymore, aren't you glad the plug was pulled? You got three years and a string of great shows. What's not to appreciate?

I suspect this is a troll move designed to make the release of new music even more exciting than it would have been if someone at corporate had designed a viral method of putting it out there.

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